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The battle for Middle Earth II is a strategy game
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The Lord of the Ring: the battle for Middle Earth II is a strategy game developed by Electronics Arts.
This game is based on the famous books of J. R. Tolkien.
Of course, that you will be able to find all the characters of the book, but in this case you will be able to be in more battles than in the film.
You will find that you can play two champagnes: the Good campaign (elves and dwarves) and the campaign of the Evil (orcs) each of one have eight battles.
The elves are supreme archers, the dwarves are miners who build giant war machines, and the goblins rely on spiders and sheer numbers to swamp you.

The scenarios are very different, you can have a battle in Rivendel, another one in The Shire and another one in the woods and so on.
You will command some units and you will find in them heroes like Aragorn or another character from the book. In addition, you will able to have an extra points and in that way to have better weapons.
The goal is to conquer the Middle Earth province by province.Certainly, some territories are more important to control than others, you will have to think your strategy game play.

Graphics and sound
The scenarios are really amazing. The graphics are very realistic. The sound effects are very good and the soundtrack is incredible.

In conclusion, this is an excellent game you will enjoy it.

María Noel Balla
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